Scheduled Presentations

NYSCLA 2018 Annual Meeting

National Update on Legislation Affecting Laboratories/PAMA
Sharon West, Vice President, Legal & Regulatory Affairs ACLA
Laboratory Performance Benchmarking
Paul Camara, Principal, Applied Management Systems
Current Reimbursement Issues
Lale White, Executive Chairman and CEO, XIFIN
Pre-authorizations and tips for responding to payer audits
Jane Pine Wood, Chief Legal Counsel, BioReference Laboratories
NGS (CMS – Jurisdiction K) – Billing, claims, hot topics
Jim Bavoso, National Government Services
NYS Legislative Update
Amy Kellogg, Partner, Harter Secrest & Emery LLP
NYSDOH – Auditing, corrective action, FDA 3rd party review process
Stephanie Schulman/Derek Symula NYSDOH
NYSED – Licensure and training programs
Kathleen Doyle, PhD NYSED
Lab 2.0 – The Golden Age of Labs
Khosrow R. Shotorbani, former CEO, TriCor Labs
The Value of Laboratory Data: It’s not just the test results
Panel Discussion